Lash To The Bag Class

Lash To The Bag Class

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This course is 3 times more comprehensive than your average lash class.

This class comes with a 150-page Comprehensive training manual, after graduation mentoring program that is a private Facebook group, the group gives you exclusive student resources that is constantly updated as the industry changes. Also included with this training it comes with fully loaded lash salon in a bag, exclusive access to video tutorials and a business building modules. 3 certifications for Classic, Volume and Cat eye design will be given at the end of the course once you have passed the test and showed the process step by step on a live model.


¥ 3 day Intensive Lash Class 

¥ 3 certifications for Classic, Volume and Cat eye design

¥ Message Table 

¥ Head pillow w/ shelf organizer 

¥ leg pillow 

¥ 18" Ring light 

¥ Rolling tray 

¥ Rolling stool to sit 

¥ Sheets for the bed 

¥ Fully Loaded Lash Kit 

¥ Marketing strategies 

¥ Build your own lash brand access 

¥ Vendors List 

¥ $50 Amazon gift card 

¥ Lab coat 

¥ Hot food for graduation 

¥ Advanced skills that make you faster and make the lashes last longer. 


8 spots only in person class

Must be a Licensed professional or enrolled in school to attend.

Brandon Fl

(Next class dates are 1/27/22 - 1/29/22)